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Online Tutorial PC | Science Revision

We are a dedicated team of professional communicators and teachers who understand and are passionate about the importance of science in the modern world and the importance of GCSEs.

As a team, we want to make a real difference and we believe our products can help GCSE Chemistry students realise their potential.

Positive Charge’s mission is simple. Effective communication to deliver high quality GCSE science resources.

Father and son team, Adrian and Arran Paul, share a passion for science and for educating and enthusing others about it.

As a parent, Adrian was keen to find affordable, high quality, additional support and resources for his children, as they progressed through the education system but he couldn’t find anything suitable. His son, Arran, who himself tutors GCSE science students, has worked with his father to develop the Positive Charge suite of learning support resources to fill that gap

They have looked for the best teachers and combined their love of science, and desire to inspire others, with their professional experience in the communications business.  This includes broadcasting, production of corporate and other videos and work on product launches and other corporate events for some of the biggest names in the business world.

Positive Charge aims to help students get the most out of their science studies and realise their potential in their all-important GCSE exams.