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Video Description

In this episode on The 3 States of Matter, Russell discusses the following content:

  • Understanding the relationship between the melting and boiling points of a substance, the nature of its particles and the forces between those particles.
  • The ability to predict the state of a substance at different temperatures.
  • To understand the use of state symbols.
  • Identifying the limitations of the particle model.

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Russell Peters

Russell has been teaching as a science specialist for ten years in the northeast London and Essex areas. He has a BSc(Hons) degree in Physics from the University of Liverpool. In addition, Russell has had experience in the engineering industry and more recently as a private tutor.

Russell likes to develop inspirational experiments and demonstrations which he uses to promote enquiry in his students.

Russell is enthusiastic about promoting science to the wider community which is what attracted him to becoming involved with Positive Charge.

Particles (OCR A Combined)