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James Boyce


James has a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of Reading. He went on to combine his passion for education with his strong scientific background, qualifying as a teacher in 2014. He currently teaches GCSE and A-level chemistry at a secondary school in Berkshire.

Outside of teaching James writes his own music, and penned the title track for Positive Charge.
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Briana Clench


Briana is originally from Pennsylvania, USA. She has a Degree from Penn State University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Dance and Astrobiology and a Secondary Education Certification from the State of Pennsylvania.

Briana loves teaching science and has taught all over the world. She has a passion for all science disciplines and finds them all fascinating. She also enjoys dance and yoga for fun when she’s not teaching.
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Julie Goodley


Julie is head of chemistry at a secondary school in Berkshire. She has a degree in Biochemistry from Manchester University and a Masters in Public Health Sciences from St. George’s Hospital, London. She has worked in industry as head of clinical trials for a large cancer charity before retraining as a teacher.

Julie’s passion for science is driven by her dedication to research and natural inquisitiveness. She is keen to share her enthusiasm for science with students.
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Russell Peters


Russell has been teaching as a science specialist for ten years in the northeast London and Essex areas. He has a BSc(Hons) degree in Physics from the University of Liverpool. In addition, Russell has had experience in the engineering industry and more recently as a private tutor.

Russell likes to develop inspirational experiments and demonstrations which he uses to promote enquiry in his students.

Russell is enthusiastic about promoting science to the wider community which is what attracted him to becoming involved with Positive Charge.
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Trevor Gallop

Trevor is a qualified teacher with over twenty years extensive experience in large corporate organisations as an internal communications specialist.
As a teacher, Trevor focusses mainly on teaching the Chartered Institute of Marketing course to adult learners – he was awarded ‘Tutor Of The Year’ by the Communication, Advertising and Marketing Foundation in 2001. He does, however, have a secret passion for science and can often be found covertly reading New Scientist, Scientific American or Nature, when he thinks no-one is looking.
BSc. (Hons) PGCE, QTLS, Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies, HNC Business Studies

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