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You choose when and where. We provide the resources.
 Great videos, shot in stunning 4K – right for your GCSE Chemistry syllabus and exam board. Our videos show real experiments taught by real teachers, accompanied by the vital theory you need to know to excel in your GCSEs. Join for free or Watch a preview

On Demand Access

Your videos and other resources are available 24/7. Your GCSE Chemistry session whenever you want it – night or day. Start on your phone travelling back from school, continue later on your tablet and finish off on your laptop. As long as you have internet, you can access your Positive Charge resources.

Detailed Course Notes

Our videos are great, but we want to offer you more. That’s why we have produced detailed course notes to support each video. These will help clarify, reinforce and refresh what you have learned from the videos. They can be a valuable addition to notes you have taken. View them on-screen or print them.

Tailored To Your Exam Board

Tell the Positive Charge site what Exam Board syllabus you are following and we’ll make sure you get the relevant videos and notes. We will automatically generate the list of videos that are right for your course. With Positive Charge, you can be confident you are accessing the right material for your GCSE Chemistry.

Progress Tracking

Timing is everything when you are studying for your GCSEs. You need to have learned the right stuff at the right time and be ready on the big day when you sit your exams. Our Progress Tracking functionality can tell you simply and quickly what you need to know.

Tailored Playlists

Manage your videos the same way you manage your music. We keep a record of what you have watched, a list of what you want to watch and get videos covering related subjects and topics listed as well. Our playlists will help enable you to have the videos you want to watch quickly and easily available.

Great Teachers. Great Teaching.

Our team of teachers know their stuff. They are passionate about teaching and about their subject. The videos they appear in are the ones they have chosen, covering the aspects of chemistry they are most interested and expert in.

They know chemistry and can help you understand what you need to know to have the best chance of doing as well as you can.

Personalised Dashboard

Two years of studying for your GCSE is a lot of chemistry. An important part of effective learning and revision is properly managing your studying. Your personalised dashboard is your Positive Charge ‘Mission Control’ for your GCSE Chemistry studies. It’s a hub where you can track your progress, manage your account, find your subscriptions, monitor your saved videos playlist, access your news feed and more.

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